Heather Bambrick Trio @ Ambiyan Indian Restaurant

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Dates February 27 - March 2, 2024

Dinner Service: Begins at 6:00pm

Performance: 8:00pm

Heather Bambrick Trio

As one of Canada’s top Jazz vocalists, Heather has collaborated with some of the best, including Phil Nimmons, Fred Hirsch, Guido Basso, Ian Shaw, and the late Rob McConnell and Peter Appleyard. She’s appeared as a guest performer with numerous Jazz ensembles, as well as with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, and many others.

Each of Heather’s four solo recordings have received East Coast Music Award nominations for Jazz Recording of the Year, and her 2017 release You’ll Never Know was also nominated for a JUNO Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year. Her most recent releaseFine State moved in new musical directions, with a more pop-influenced jazz sound, featuring strong Canadian content, and original material. Says Bambrick: “This project brings together more of the things that inspire me overall, not just in jazz and not just in music. The arrangements show influences from rock, pop, and folk music, and the tunes we’ve chosen have a strong connection to the events of the world around me, and the roots of who I am as a musician and a person.”

Beyond singing, Heather is one of Canada’s top voice actors, voicing characters for commercial campaigns and several Emmy Award-winning animated series, including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, and Justin Time. For almost 20 years she’s been a popular host on JAZZ.FM91, twice named the National Jazz Awards’Broadcaster of the Year, and most recently receiving the inaugural 2020 Canadian Broadcasting Award for Best On-Air Host (Music).Heather is also highly sought-after educator at schools and festivals across Canada, having taught at both University of Toronto and Humber College. She currently sits on the Advisory Council for Music Canada, and between all of this, she’s been known to take the occasional nap

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Anurag Sharma

Head Chef of Ambiyan

Anu was born in the heart of Punjab, India. A culture rich with flavors, spices, and traditional cooking methods. Anu’s passion for food was inspired by his family’s deep love and respect for Indian cuisine.

Anu’s formal culinary education began at the Institute of Hotel Management, Panipat, where he honed his skills, learning the intricacies of cooking and the art of blending spices to perfection. This foundation laid the groundwork for his culinary philosophy, deeply rooted in tradition yet infused with his unique flair and creativity.

Anu joined the team at Ambiyan Indian Restaurant, where he has dedicated 12 years of his career. His first six years at Ambiyan were spent mastering the menu and understanding the nuances of Indian cuisine. His dedication, skill, and passion for cooking led to his promotion as the head chef, a role he has embraced for the last six years with enthusiasm and vigor.

As head chef, Anu draws inspiration from his roots, incorporating traditional Indian recipes passed down through generations into the restaurant’s menu, while also adding his personal touch to create dishes that are both nostalgic and novel.

Outside the kitchen, he finds solace and joy on the open road, exploring new horizons on his motorcycle. This sense of adventure and freedom is a reflection of his approach to cooking—bold, unbounded, and driven by a deep love for what he does. For Anu, both cooking and riding are not just hobbies but essential parts of his identity, avenues through which he expresses his zest for life and pursuit of happiness.

At Ambiyan Indian Restaurant, Anu continues to inspire both his team and patrons with his culinary artistry, dedication, and the joy he brings to every dish he creates. His journey from the vibrant fields of Punjab to the bustling kitchen of Ambiyan is a testament to his love for Indian cuisine and his unwavering pursuit of doing what he loves most.