Barbra Lica @ Laz Authentic Cuisine

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Dates March 5 - March 9, 2024

Dinner Service: Begins at 6:00pm

Performance: 8:00pm

Barbra Lica

In a world where almost everyone appears to have their public image and hashtags in order, Barbra Lica’s live show explores instead an identity still in flux. Equal parts playful and sombre, her songs flip unapologetically between genres and tempos in search of what it means to be a flawed human with big dreams, bigger feelings, and a verifiably awkward social presence.

Prepare for a contemporary interpretation of jazz music that folds in elements of folk, pop, and existential synth (not a real genre). For these special Jazzlicious concerts, Barbra will be performing on both voice and keys alongside Toronto heavyweights Mark Godfrey on bass, Tom Fleming on guitar, and Will Fisher on drums.

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Diakhia Lezama

Executive Chef & Owner

Chef Diakhia is a one-of-a-kind culinary artist who designs menus inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking.

She started in 2000, and developed a unique catering experience for all of our clients using fresh and sustainable ingredients. Catering became her specialty, where she provided sumptuous meals to many events of various sizes throughout the GTA.

Hailing from the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago, where her mother owned a catering business, she was grounded in the art of cooking.

She loves to be creative in the kitchen, taking a bit of all the Caribbean islands and putting them in a pot and making her guests feel welcomed and at home.

Prior to her newly found full-time profession, Chef Diakhia worked in the corporate sector as a financial analyst. “I thought that my nine-to-five job was going to be what I would do for the rest of my working life,” she said. “But there came a time when I started to hate what I was doing and I knew I could not continue.”

While working with her corporate colleagues they often went to lunch or dinner at various eateries and they always asked when she was going to take them to a Caribbean restaurant. She created one.

Her specialty signature menus include: The Seafood Bacchanal; The Laz Caribbean Breakfast; Caribbean Soup with an array of dishes that include stew chicken; barbecue, jerk chicken; stew pork, beef, fish, oxtail, curry shrimp, crab and lobster to meet your Caribbean delight!